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Fitness Truths #3

Don't believe everything you hear! And stop jumping on the bandwagon. This is YOUR journey and everyone is different. Let me shed some light in these topics. … [Read More...]

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Fitcore Truths #2

Fitcore was created to help everyone! We can help regardless of money, injuries, age, gender or levels of fitness. No matter that the goal is we can help. … [Read More...]

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Workout Truths #1

Workout truths: Stop wasting time at the gym. If your going to spend time at the gym then do it right and I'm here to help. Get your hands off the treadmill. Stop using pointless machines. If you don't know what your doing keep it simple. And get to work! … [Read More...]

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Five Critical Considerations

Here are five critical considerations before hiring a fitness trainer: 1. Budget Over paying for training can take the fire and joy away from a life change that should happen. Financial limitations can cause frustration and procrastination which will lead to the regression of your fitness goals. 2. Lack of passion Generic, boring, and repetitive […]


Diets Don’t Work

STOP DIETING! DIETS DON’T WORK! Most of the popular diets out there, are not beneficial for your health. The most important thing is to focus on your health and longevity, and in turn will lead you to accomplish all of your body image goals. The first focus is to look at the quality of the […]


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Fitcore Fights

The best workout in the area is in Ladera Ranch 6 days a week! 2 of those days is Fitcore Fights! Come learn how to defend yourself with a mix of styles. Learn to punch, kick, knees, elbows and overall confidence. Not to mention burning more calories than anything else around! This is a new […]

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Fitcore Kick Ace!

Only the strong survive. Don’t be scared. If your not strong yet we will build your foundation to be the strongest and best you’ve ever been.

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Fitcore Journey

We change lives by teaching how to live it. This is REAL LIFE  FITNESS. Not some weird new fade workout or something that will hurt you. This is Fitcore. You have to try it to believe it. Like no other.