Steven Shaw

I’ve had a passion for health and fitness that started in my youth.

Steven Shaw - Fitcore Fitness Orange County CaliforniaMy name is Steven Shaw. I am a husband and father. My passion is health, fitness and music that started in my youth. Why do I mention music on my business page? Because Fitcore is me and music is a huge part of my life. I lead music at my church with my wife every week and love writing & recording songs that glorify God and build up believers in Christ. You can download at Listen to my voice podcast at

My blog Jesus first in everything. Soli Deo Gloria! But, back to Fitcore.

I can remember when I was five years old looking at fitness magazines and dreaming of the day when I could look “big and strong” like the people on the cover. That dream motivated me to dive into the world of fitness and discover what it means to live the healthy lifestyle. Into my adult life, I started to realize the love I had for sharing my knowledge with others. My goal is to change as many lives through health and fitness as I can. Let me help you discover your passion for health. Let me help your goals come true. 

If you’d like to know more about me, read my testimony here.