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Knowing how to eat is the most important part of your overall health and fitness journey. And I don't mean that you need to know how to eat perfectly because that doesn't exist. What I do mean is, learning what you need to cut out, take down a notch and need to add to your diet. Don't strive for the ridiculous images you are seeing as fitness motivation everywhere. Unless you are willing to workout multiple hours of everyday, eat nothing you truly enjoy and take all kinds of chemically bases drugs passed off as supplements, then you'll never achieve that body. So focus on what is actually important; confidence, strength, living alert in many more ways, bigger drive in every way, positivity, and living longer. What I want to provide for you is a bigger mindset of what a real life approach to eating. This is the way you will keep up a healthy life for the rest of your life and stop with the fad diets that are either bad for you or just unhelpful because you can't keep up that kind of life. Lets get back to the root and the right way to do this stuff, and that's Fitcore.